Amateur Rookie of the Year

This is a special award to recognize the amateur member competing in their first year of PtHA ROM classes that require a canter and/or lope. Walk/trot class points do not count towards this award. The MPtHA amateur member must meet the following criteria:

  • Only 1 (one) application allowed per amateur member.
  • All points to be computed on one amateur exhibitor/pinto combination. Award will be per exhibitor/pinto combination.
  • Applicant must attend and compete in at least two or more Minnesota Pinto shows during the season.
  • Applicant may not have shown in any ROM class at a PtHA approved show that required a canter within 5 years of the current show season.
  • Applicant may not have competed and/or earned points in any PtHA approved outcross breed show in an event that required a canter within 5 years of the current show season.

Previous Recipients
2016 – No Applicants
2015 – Katie Haskins

Each applicant will choose up to 4 (four) Amateur classes from which all MPtHA points will accumulate for the season, with the Rookie of the Year title/award being presented at the MPtHA Banquet to the applicant with the highest point total from the chosen events. 1 (one) class must be an individual pattern class. Once the classes have been chosen the competitor may NOT change or substitute an event. Classes may include AM Novice performance classes, AM Showmanship or AM performance classes only. No halter classes are permitted. Exhibitor must complete an official Rookie of the Year application. (Application is available below)


For questions contact: Sally Daluge at or 612-669-6861.
Submit applications to Sally Daluge, 4890 Woodland Trail, Loretto, MN 55357

Application for Amateur Rookie of the Year