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MHC EXPO Exhibitor Selection Process

MPtHA Exhibitor Selection Process:

MISSION: To represent Minnesota Pinto, and the Pinto Horse Association, with the best variety of Stock, Hunt, Pleasure and Saddle type horses and ponies, Miniatures and B Miniatures and Solid Pintos.

Six (6) equine stalls
Two (2) tack stalls to be shared by exhibitors.


  • Stock Horse: Open, Amateur, or Youth
  • Hunt Horse: Open, Amateur or Youth
  • Pleasure Horse: Open, Amateur or Youth
  • Saddle Horse: Open, Amateur or Youth
  • Pinto Solid Horse: Open, Amateur or Youth
  • Pony: Open, Amateur or Youth
  • Miniature / B Miniature: Open, Amateur or Youth


1. Invite the immediate past year MPtHA High Point and Reserve High Point winners to represent MPtHA at Expo with a letter. Allow 7-10 days for a response of “yes or no” with a specific deadline. Letters can be presented at the banquet, along with the High Point and Reserve High Point awards.

* The following divisions are INELIGIBLE for participation at the Minnesota Horse Expo, for safety of all involved: YA Leadline, YA Walk-Trot and YA & AM Novice. (EXCEPTION: A Novice Youth or Novice Amateur may be invited IF that exhibitor is also a High Point or Reserve High Point in a regular AM, regular Youth, or Open Type/Classification)

2. Take the “YES” candidates for each of the type/classifications. If there is only one “YES” in a type/classification, that “YES” candidate is automatically the exhibitor at Expo.

3. If there are 2 or more candidates in a type/classification and more than one responded “YES”, then those names are put in a hat for a random draw. The name drawn will be the Expo exhibitor for that type/classification stall.

4. If there are more than six candidates from all the types/classifications, then all those names are put into a hat and six are drawn. Those names drawn will be the Expo exhibitors.

5. The goal is to have one representative from 6 of the 7 types/classifications. If the High Point and Reserve High Point winners decline to attend, then review the Class High Point winners to invite additional participants.

6. If any stall(s) remains open at this point, invite the immediate past year third through sixth place High Point winners, as needed, to fill a type or classification. If any stalls remain open at this point, invite a World Champion title winner from the past year World Show, or a Congress Show title winner, such as a High Point, a Reserve High Point, or a class winner or class 2nd place winner.

7. If stalls are still open, then invite a horse, pony or miniature that has achieved a PtHA Supreme Champion award, OR PtHA Superior Award, Miss/Mr Congeniality winner or Youth Scholarship winner. The focus is to fill the stall or stalls with suitable Pintos.

8. MPtHA and the MN Horse Expo does not allow stallions on the Aisle of Breeds.

Last Approved Rules Updated 7/20/17

Minnesota Pinto Bucks

Minnesota Pinto introduces, MINNESOTA PINTO BUCKS! Minnesota Pinto Bucks are issued in the form of $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100 and $200 certificates. Bucks can be redeemed for any program within MN Pinto, including, but not limited to show fees, stall reservations, membership fees, directory ads, etc. Bucks do not expire and must be presented at the time of purchase or redemption. Purchase must be equal to or be greater than buck value, as no change or credit is given for purchases less than the face value of the Buck. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE FACE OF THE BUCK UPON RECEIPT! Bucks cannot be redeemed for cash. Bucks will not be replaced or reissued if lost.

Bucks make great gifts for your family, friends or trainers, and are available now! Just complete the Minnesota Pinto Bucks Order Form posted here or contact Kathy Zachmann at: for an order form.

Valley Vet Supply Reward Program
Valley Vet Supply has a Club Reward Program in place. Our members are registered with their club affiliation as MN Pinto. When you purchase products from Valley Vet Supply (excluding wormers), the amount of the products purchased will be recorded on our club account. For every $1,000 of purchases, MN Pinto gets a $50 credit on our club account for award purchases. So make sure to check out their website at for all your equine, pet, and farm needs. You’ll be supporting your club too!